Designing an app for influencers and their community


Triber is an app that let anybody create their own app for free, in seconds.
Premium users are influencers & celebrities who are seeking for a new way to connect & interact with their audience.

Triber Brand Guidelines

Triber Logo


I joined Triber at the beginning, so I worked on many things, like branding, product design (web & mobile), front-end development, motion design, graphic design, content, social media, press relations.

Triber App Design

Triber App redesign (UX/UI)


To design the apps and design new features, I worked in autonomy on paper/whiteboard, Photoshop & After Effects. I design wireframes, then hi-fi mockups. I designed new features like the Gallery, a presence feature and a thread feature in the chat, analytics dashboards.

I also helped on the marketing side — I reached out to some journalists and finally 7 press articles, including Venture Beat, Sony Blog, Maddyness, French Web... I also managed the launch on Product Hunt and made a motion design (see below) to introduce the app redesign to users. I made to this motion with the hope that it would be shared by Ranz Kyle, the celebrity featured in the video. He shared it and the motion got thousands of views and we acquired thousands of new users.

Triber App Design


The motion design has been shared by influencers on Facebook and got more than 50k views, so we acquired many new users. It worked like an ad.
While the 7 months I've worked at Triber, we grew the userbase from 100 (beta testers) to 100 000.
Finally, the company has been acquired by NRJ Group, a major media group in France.

Motion Design I made on After Effects to introduce Triber redesign