Building a better notification system


Sourceeasy is a San Francisco-based company building a SaaS product for the fashion industry.
The platform include several apps that help — fashion designers, vendors, customers and internal teams — create and manufacture garments faster, with a better quality.


I worked on Product Management — prioritizing features, managing product backlog, writing product specifications, managing product development from research to delivery, QA engineering, product marketing...
And I also worked on Product Design — user interviews, lo-fi mockups (wireframes) and hi-fi mockups.


I joined Sourceeasy for a 6 months Associate Product Manager internship. I owned some products on the entire lifecycle and managed the product development, from Research to Delivery. I worked daily with the Head of Product, a senior PM, and engineers.

Sourceeasy - Collab Sourceeasy - Collab


The first product I owned when joining Sourceeasy was the Notification feature. We had a notification system on the platform that helps internal teams work easier. For example, a fashion designer would get notified when a new task is assigned to him, and a manager would have a notification when a fashion designer completed a task.
The problem was that there were too much notifications. Some managers could get more than 80 emails per day and naturally fell overwhelmed and distracted.


After the Head of Product briefed me about that problem, I started to work on it.

Here's what my process looked like:

  • Research — Why are we doing this? Who are the users? What is the expected outcome?
  • User interviews
  • Start writing a Product Requirement Document
  • Collaborate — with Head of Product, engineers, users, and other stakeholders.
  • Create/delete/edit and list all notifications
  • Design a notification system that don't send than 5 emails a day
  • Design mockups (emails, notifications panels, settings page...)
  • Iterate (user test if possible)
  • Design Handoff
  • Support implementation
  • QA
  • Release
  • Product Marketing

Sourceeasy - Notifications System

Notifications system

Results & Lessons

Finally, the notification feature has been shipped and significantly improved. We reached the inital goals of not having more tha 5 notification a day.
However, it was a big product and I had to reduce the scope to meet business needs, so we did a new version a few months later to improve the experience once again.

I learned a lot with this experience as Associate Product Manager at Sourceeasy. I learned about Product Management, SCRUM, delivering complex b2b products, working with engineers, interviewing users, being accountable...