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Agorize is a Paris-based startup building a SaaS product to allow big companies to make open-innovation challenges and connect them with millions of innovators around the world.


Owned features of both B2C and B2B products from end-to-end of the design process.
Built a design system to reduce inconsistencies across products, improve designers' workflow and the collaboration within the team.


Creating a Product Design System in Sketch

My journey on creating the first Product Design System at Agorize.

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Agorize - Design System

Agorize Design System preview


I joined Agorize in January 2017 to help them make their products more consistent, deliver new products and build a UX team.
A few weeks after I joined the team, another designer got hired, so I also needed to find ways to collaborate and deliver world-class products together.
After weeks of discussions and research, I realized a Design System would solve the majority of our problems.

Agorize - Design System

Agorize Asia Manager and the CEO in a meeting room


We had several problems such as:
• inconsistencies across products
• inefficient workflow — designers would often do low-value repetitive tasks
• lack of organization and process
• no knowledge sharing across the team or the company
• bad collaboration with engineering

Design System documentation/living styleguide

Design System documentation/living styleguide


Here's what my process looked like:
• research about design systems
• talking with other designers working design systems to make sure I take the right decisions
• working with front-end engineering to have a better understanding of our UI
• creating a design system backlog to list tasks and manage priorities
• UI inventory — examining our products to specifiy every components and particularities
• designing or redesigning every components
• creating a shared library
• wtiting a documentation, including guidelines, best practices, ressources...
• creating a shared living style guide

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Cards overrides

Easily modifying a card with symbols overrides


Building this design system — or at least the first bricks — has been very useful for Agorize and the product team.

There is a huge progress on the knowledge sharing — the team can easily refers to the System when doubting, or a new designer can easily understand how to design Agorize products by checking the design library and the documentation.

There is algo a significant progress on the productivity and workflow of individuals. Designers now work better, and faster. They also collaborate better than before. The evolution of the industry has helped us a lot — Sketch Libraries and other design systems tools got released while I was working on the DS, the timing was perfect.

Agorize Design System in Sketch

Agorize Design System in Sketch

More products

Here are some features I designed using our design system.

Agorize - Admin & Mentors

Admin & Mentors screen - allow administrtors manage user roles

Agorize - Translation Center

Translation Center on Agorize to change translations manually

Agorize - My Messages

Instant messaging feature on B2B product

Agorize - Challenge builder

Instant messaging feature on B2C product

Agorize - Challenge builder

Adding some blocks in the Challenge Builder