Electronic Music Production
20 Pixels & Montreuil Zoo


I learn computer music production as a self-thaught and focus on Techno, House, Ambient & Hip-hop music. I'm currently working on a lo-fi house project under the alias 20 Pixels. Most of my tracks are not shared publicly yet, so feel free to ask.
I did some live performances in Paris, at Le Petit Bain, Le Divan du Monde, Le Café de la Presse... In 2014, I founded a music collective called Montreuil Zoo that I managed for 2 years.


Regarding Montreuil Zoo, the collective I founded, I managed a team of 5 people, and worked with them on the different parts of the project, including branding, music production, community management, artists booking, meetings with promoters...

One of my tracks featured by Moskalus


My first passion is electronic music. I grew up with artists from the French Touch like Daft Punk, discovered House Music djing at Ibiza during a family trip, and started producing when I was at Middle School, after this trip and a one-week internship in a studio/concert venue. I never studied music theory, music production or sound design, so I learned everything by myself. I haven't take this really seriously for the first years. When I was at high school, I produced and mixed alone in my bedroom, or with some friends on weekends, and sometime at some private parties. I was also content writer in a music webzine called Music For Your Mind. I also created a webzine about music, street art, and design called Milkysound.
A few months later, I graduated from high school and move to Paris. I joined the underground culture webzine Beatalair as Reporter & Artist. I then founded a music collective called Montreuil Zoo. We made weekly podcasts, organized events, and use social networks to promote artists from Paris. We were focus on underground Techno music and his subgenres — Dub-techno, Deep Techno, Industrial Techno, Raw/Lo-fi Techno, Detroit House, Micro-house.
After two years, the project was a success, which wasn't always easy to handle. We finally decided to stop the project as we already had too much mork with our studies and regular jobs.
I keep producing on my spare time and I'm now working on an underground house project, under the alias 20 Pixels.

Another track featured by Moskalus


I produce my music with Ableton Live 9, Virtual Instruments, MIDI Controllers (Ableton Push, Novation Remote 25 SL MK2) & Hardware Synthethizers (KORG MS2000, KORG MicroX). You can see my current studio below.

My studio


I did several live performances in Paris at several clubs and concert venus, like Le Batofar, Le Divan Du Monde, Le Petit Bain, Draft Warehouse, Le Café de La Presse La Maroquinerie, Le Village Russe... I now work only in my studio on producing new tracks and mastering finished ones to get them released on a Canadian label.